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February Newsletter

Regional Dispatch

Vol. XVII. February, 2018 Issue I.

Captain's Column

ATTENTION F COMPANY MEMBERS!!! This announcement is to serve notice that our time in winter quarters is quickly coming to an end. All "F'ers" are to report to F Company's Annual Meeting on Saturday 17 February 2018 at 1000 hours. The location is different from where it was last year. It is still at a National Park Service site but this time it is at the Chimborazo location on East Broad Street This is in the Church Hill district of Richmond. The meeting will begin promptly at 10:00 AM. Items from the company inventory will be available for purchase. Cash or check only, no credit.

This is a very important meeting and every F Company member needs to be there. Items on the agenda include the election of officers, determining the schedule for the upcoming season, and a discussion of the future of F Company. If you care about the unit (and by virtue of being a member you should) you should make every effort to attend this meeting. I am sure that the 1st Sergeant will have more to say about this. I look forward to seeing you all there.

With kindest regards
Captain Turley

1st Sergeant’s Column

Annual Membership Meeting (Sat, 17 Feb 2018)- The annual membership meeting will be held in Richmond, VA at Richmond National Battlefield Headquarters located at 3215 East Broad St., Richmond, VA 23223 in downtown Richmond. Sorry, but Ft. Harrison site was not available due to site not being manned any longer by ranger staff on weekends due to budget constraints. The meeting will start promptly at 10:00AM and should run no later than 2:00 PM as there will be no lunch break. We will have coffee and donuts on hand along w/bottled water. Your corporals will be calling you about your planned attendance, so you need to respond promptly to them w/your plans for attendance.

As a member of the company you need to make every effort to be present as the company selects officers for 2018; picks its events for the 2018 campaign season and sets the membership dues. Additionally, company inventory items will be offered for sale, so that you can acquire new or needed replacement items for the upcoming campaign season. If any of you have potential recruits, then you need to see that they attend this meeting in order to help them decide about pursuit of F Co membership. It’s a great opportunity to let a potential recruit experience F Company and all that it has to offer someone seriously interested in pursuing this hobby! Once again, we are looking at a full campaign season including the Winery event, the 155th anniversary of Gettysburg and the Company Muster (2nd Day at Gettysburg) just to name a few. See you there!

Your Humble Servant,
Michael L. Vice
1st SGT, F Co,
21st VA Infantry

Heritage Sutlery

I will be setting up my sutler operation at the upcoming Annual Membership meeting. Various items will be for sale including wooden tent pins, camp hatchets, mess gear, military manuals and CW books including Woresham’s history of the 21st VA Infantry, wool socks, shoe shine brushes, daubers, and cleaning brushes. Additionally, I’ll be selling a used uniform of mine. It’s used, but not abused w/plenty of wear left, however, I don’t need it as I’ve acquired a new soldier suit. The coat and trousers are being sold together. Coat size 42-44 and trouser size 36-38. Price will be $200.00. Good opportunity for new recruit or F Co member needing a replacement uniform at a really good price!

Honest Mike

A cancelled event at Meadow Farms, due to weather, still provided F Company an opportunity to shine, with some wonderful winter photos of F Company's own Steven Adams by his friend and photographer Stephen James. Jeff Penise would be proud.

Ode to Joe

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